Color WOW

Color Wow was developed by Gail Federici and John Frieda, the award-winning team behind the indusrty-renowed product lines that figured out frizz and perfected blonde. The Color Wow team has a pedigree of creating the most innovative, unique and effective products that solve umet consumer needs. Color Wow resolves the problems associated with colour treated hair, giving that 'wow factor' everyday, keeping a colourists work perfect in between salon visits. 

Color Wow Root Cover Up posesses a high-tech forumula that is a true advancement and major jump in technology, not only does it cover grey roots, but it's also the only product that can make dark roots look blonde. There have been many products over the years that claim to solve the problem of un-wanted roots, yet none have fulfilled the consumer need, until now. Competetive cover-up products are sticky, wazy, dulling, flaky drying or messy. The Color Wow mineral powder has so many different pigments in each shade that it blends seamlessly, making it impossible to tell that you have anything covering your roots. 

For the 75% of women who color their hair (single process, highlights or a combination of both), Color Wow is a life-changer. No more roots. No brassiness, dullness or fading and no dry or dull texture. Winner of the prestigious Harpers Bazaar Best Hair Innovation 2013 and Allure Beauty Best Root Cover up 2013 this product is a must have to keep colourists work looking perfect. 

Colour WOW


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