Lakmé Freehand Collective

Choose from a collection of bespoke colour techniques and practise on a live model.

In-Salon Hands On
_ 3hrs
_Prestige Partners Exclusive


Adapt techniques to meet every client request and broaden choices in your salon’s colour menu. Mimic a day-to-day commercial hair colouring environment by using your own live model.


  • Learn key colour techniques - flawless hairlines and sweep-blending
  • Gain confidence in seamless colour merging, and micro-foiling
  • Practice your skills on a live model to ensure competent commercial learning

* Please enquire with the HCA Education Department.

  • Sun 15th Dec, 3 hours
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    Enquire with Haircare Australia's Education department for more information about this course.
    Event Type: In-Salon
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    Educator: Haircare Australia Educator
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Haircare Australia Educator