Ryan King _ Evo

What you can expect from this geeza? Well Ryan’s strong points are the fundamentals of cutting, working with short hair and rocking the sh*t out of men’s hair.

Ryan has teamed up with Lil’ Off The Top to express his beliefs and share how he thinks the craft should be taught – with structure, great technical ability, big fun and a good laugh. Now Ryan brings both his charm and his super skills to educate for Evo Hair.

The lad is always up for a laugh and lives life to the fullest. He loves playing, watching, and dreaming about football and his beloved West Ham United. Ryan is originally from the little town of London, England. There he learnt, and found his love for, the craft of hair. Also, he learnt where the best pubs were but we aren’t sure which came first.

Since moving to Australia in 2012 Ryan has filled up his skillset and has been involved in some major hair event, gaining some great experience – a lucky thing for us and even better for you. If you’re interested in sharp lines, clean sections and the foundations this geeza’s your man so book him up.