evo hair for sass+bide at New York Fashion Week 2014

With award winning editorial stylist Renya Xydis leading the charge, evo hair acted as the hair sponsor for the sass & bide autumn/winter 14 show at Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week.

The iconic Australian fashion designers, Sarah-Jane Clarke and Heidi Middelton experimented with silhouettes, monochrome  and contrast for their Novatuer collection. Drawing on inspiration from Ernst Haeckel, the duo’s collection featured an abundance of intricate detailing and dramatic contrast inspired by his studies.


evo hair sass + bide

Synonymous with the looks created, Renya styled the models with one of the biggest trends from NYFW14; the dramatized comb -over. Using evo, Renya created a look that was the perfect mix of long and short, up against sleek shine, contrasted with matte softness.

My girls Heidi and Sarah-Jane delivered a spirited collection that inspired an asymmetrical hair style all about dramatic contrast. That mix of softness and severity suits sass & bide perfectly. This style is modern because it’s achievable: there’s plenty of attitude; it doesn’t have to be too perfect. The drama makes it work at almost any length” – Renya Xydis


evo hair sass + bide 1


evo Hair for sass + bide Step-by-Step

1. Wet hair through the roots and mid lengths with evo salty dog and then blow-dry hair in an upward motion for extra volume

2. Set the lengths and ends with the Cloud Nine Standard Iron for a slight wave

3. Using a wide tooth comb, brush hair from left to right to create a comb over

4. Apply evo’s shape vixen to hands and take through the roots and mid lengths, keeping the comb over shape in place. Spray with evo’s helmut finishing spray

5. Just behind the left ear, start twisting hair down to the nape, creating a cornrow. Fasten clip over cornrow to secure the shape

6. Spray evo love touch to mid lengths and ends and brush with a wide tooth comb to finish the look