evo Fabuloso Pro launches in Taiwan

The evo team was in Taiwan once again in early February. This time to launch evo Fabuloso Pro at one of Taiwan’s leading salon’s, Visavis, one of the most highly regarded and prestige salons in Taipie, not to mention one of the biggest. Housing 50+ work stations, this truly remarkable space provided the perfect setting for harnessing the passion and creative flare, that was so present among those involved in the launch.

evo rolled out two launch events, the first, a small private event for a select 50 of Taiwan’s well renowned media personalities, going through the ins and outs of Fabuloso with evo Asia Pacific brand Manager, Phil Taylor and International Technician Jay Kownacki.

The second launch, the biggest of the two, saw 260 of Taiwan’s industry leading hairdressers and colourists come together and be truly captivated by Fabuloso Pro.

Each given the chance to learn and interact with the range, their response was overwhelming. The launch was fast-paced and high energy, incorporating entertainment from a local dance act, of course with amazing hair (supported by the Eros salon artistic team).

The week wrapped up with Jay, educating some 200 colourists in work shops across the county and developing evo's Taiwanese education team to ensure that ongoing education in the region is in good hands.

"Asia is an exciting, emerging market for evo & Fabuloso Pro. The level of passion and enthusiasm our distributors have for our brands and education is only surpassed by their clients, the stylist and colourist. Next stop will be Singapore at the start of May. We can't wait". – Phil Taylor Australia/Asia Pacific Brand Manager